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Personalized Dog Training in Seattle's Easternmost Suburbs and Communities

It's easy to be a proud owner when you first bring home that perfect new puppy or sweet shelter dog.  How can anyone not be?  However, as time passes you may start to notice that his little quirks and habits don't always fit into your home so well.  Your proud owner feelings begin to erode away.  When we ask two different animals (dogs and people in this case) to live together under one roof in simple harmony, it rarely happens automatically.  Each are driven by different needs and motivations.  Worse, each speaks a different language and frustrations begin to mount. 
PROUD Dog will help you break down those barriers, communicate with each other better and lay a new foundation leading to renewed harmony and happiness.  You'll again be a proud owner of a proud dog.  Of course, dog training, like human learning, is a lifelong journey.  Yes, puppies are the fastest learners and so starting young is always best, but dogs of any age can learn.  Luckily, most dogs come pre-wired with powerful drives which can be leveraged as tools for learning, but their owner must take the initiative to begin.  Take that step!  Sign up for a class or lessons today!