Fees and Discounts

Basic Fees

Basic Obedience



 Private Lesson

 1 hour


 Group Lessons
package of 6

 1 hour, x6


Behavioral Issues



Private Session

1 hour


Fee Notes

Basic Obedience classes are held at the Sammamish Petco.  Classes offered include Puppy and Adult levels 1 and 2, and AKC's S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen courses.  Group classes are generally very small affording more personal attention and customization.  Class fees cover the entire run of six weekly sessions.  Missed classes are not refundable but may be re-taken at a later time upon trainer approval and assuming adequate space in an existing, future class.  All scheduling and pricing are subject to change at the descretion of Petco.   
Behavioral Issues are offered one-on-one between the trainer and dog owner.  Sessions are scheduled mutually between trainer and client and are generally held in the client's home.  In general, behavioral protocols depend on some level of basic obedience already being trained as these are used as foundations upon which to build new, healthier behaviors in the dog.  Prices assume service within our primary service area.  Travel outside of this area will likely incur additional charges. 

Additional Costs

Additional costs may be involved to obtain proper training equipment (collars, leads, halters, treats) appropriate to our training methods.  For example, we do not use choker or prong collars in our training.  If this is the only type of collar you have you'll be asked to purchase one of a recommended type.
Dog Requirements
All dogs, whether in private or group lessons, are required to be:
  • licensed by the state, county or city of your primary residency
  • up to date on immunizations including Rabies vaccine
  • free of any communicable disease, infection or infestation
  • if in group lessons, free of any major fear or aggression issues with dogs or people


A second or third dog from the same household registered for a group class is eligible for a 10% discount.  Each dog must have their own, exclusive owner/handler.  No one owner/handler will be allowed to work with more than one dog in a class.  An assistant trainer (usually another family member), can accompany the primary owner/handler dog pair at no additional cost if the training venues allows sufficient space.
Shelter Dog
A dog recently adopted from an area shelter is eligible to register for their first group class at a 50% discount, simply bring in a copy of the adoption papers with your payment.
Senior Citizen
Owners/handlers aged 60 years or older will receive a 10% discount on any and all lessons and classes.