Free Initial Consultations

Feel free to contact PROUD Dog at any time if you have specific questions about lessons or classes or if your dog has a minor issue with which you seek some direction.  Every effort will be made to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.  We can then answer your questions, discuss your dog's issues and explore options and solutions.  Of course, not all issues can be fully or accurately assessed in a brief phone consultation.  In these cases an in-person consultation may be recommended.
If you are new to PROUD Dog, or if your dog is having new major issues or exhibiting new undesired behaviors then it is likely best to contact us and setup a time for a free in-person consultation.  Such consults typically last thirty to forty-five minutes and are best conducted in the your home where the dog can be observed in their most natural and typical environment. A brief written follow-up assessment will be sent within a few days of the consult.  We can then jointly plan the appropriate next training, classes or lessons.

Private Training

Private training typically involves a trainer, one owner/handler or small group of family members and their one or two dogs.  The great advantage in this type of training is that it can be highly customized to your specific needs and goals.  Sessions are typically an hour long, occur once or twice per week, and are typically conducted in the owner's home.  The expected number of sessions required to meet specific goals is determined prior to your first session, usually during an initial consultation.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is essentially the same as private-training with the exception that it involves multiple unrelated owners/handlers and their dogs, typically not more than three such pairs.  It can still be fairly customized though not quite so personal as private training.  The primary advantages here are lower costs than private training and more personalized attention than is possible in a group setting.

Group Classes

Group classes offer the most economical but least personalized training options.  Typically a group is six to eight owners and their individual dogs.  (Each dog must be handled exclusively by one owner/handler.)  Classes usually meet once a week, run for six sessions and are priced as an entire package.  We are currently searching for a permanent commercial space in which to hold group classes.  Until such space if found, it may still be possible to conduct limited group classes for specific groups who have privately available space such as in a retirement community or neighborhood recreational facility.  Please call us if you know of such spaces and would like to organize a group class.
Special Needs Dogs
Older dogs, blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs missing limbs or lacking mobility of limbs can all still live happy, fulfilling lives and our training methods easily adapt to work with these dogs.  We'll partner with you, your vet. and therapists or technicians to assure that your dog can comfortably and safely participate and succeed in our programs.
Dog Selection Assistance
Dog ownership is a serious commitment.  Thousands of dogs are placed into shelters every day because of lack of training, unreal expectations and/or mismatching of pets to families.  Every potential dog owner must first become educated and make a commitment to the responsibilities, realities and costs of dog ownership; fees, food, medical costs, exercise and recreation needs, equipment and toys, training, general care.  Estimates run between $5000 and $20,000 over the lifetime of the dog.  In addition to differences in breed temperaments, individual dogs within a breed or even with a litter can vary substantially.  While no system is fail-safe, we can help you in the selection of a new dog by applying various behavioral and temperament assessments on the dog and then discuss how these may or may not fit into your own goals, lifestyle and probable future life directions.
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