Trainer Bio

 Mark with training partner, 'Chance'

Mark Buettemeier

Knowledge, Application, Passion

Mark is a certified dog trainer and graduate of Animal Behavior College.  He uniquely combines established scientific principals with proven methods and techniques in the creation of positive and effective training programs for you and your dog.  As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers he is committed to using positive and humane techniques and to constantly enhancing his own understanding of the science and practice of dog training. 

“It has always been my belief that regardless of our individual calling in life we should all be on a life-long journey of learning.  Anyone who does not practice this eventually falls behind and does a great disservice to their clients, customers or employer.  Thus, I am constantly reading books, articles and research papers as well as attending conferences, seminars and courses on animal behavior, dog training, psychology and related topics.  This causes me to continually challenge, reinforce and mold my knowledge and understanding alongside the most current research and findings of both the scientific community and other professionals in my field.  Finally, I distill this knowledge down and use it to refine my own training programs.” 

Mark’s work in various training centers, the Seattle Humane Society, and with clients and their dogs provides an ever expanding foundation of experience with all varieties of dogs; an entire spectrum of issues and temperaments, plus the broad range of goals and expectations owners have for their dogs. 

“Historically, humans’ relationship with the dog has seen the gamut from adversarial to cooperative, passive to highly interactive.  In the past century we have trained dogs, and often many other animals, in a confrontational, punitive manner – do this or you’ll suffer the consequences.  This was effective, but not without fault or fall out.  Animals trained thus learned to perform out of fear and would sometimes turn this fear back on their handlers.  Modern training methods are based on mutual trust and positive reinforcement.  The animals learn new behavior because this brings pleasant consequences.  I want your dog to be happy and proud to be with you, not forced and fearful.”

Of course, Mark has a passion for working with animals, and for the animals themselves;

“I’ve always had a passion for animals, which is pretty much the norm for dog trainers, and a passion for one’s work is always a big asset.  Beyond a simple passion, I’ve always been fascinated by animal behavior and communication.  Why an animal behaves a certain way, what might make it behave differently, what might predict a behavior even before it happens?  Toss in the complexity of inter-species communication and we soon see why the dog/human relationship can be such a challenge.  But this challenge, and the growing knowledge we gain each year is what excites and attracts me to the field.  Let me help you find a way through the process and build a proud family with a Proud Dog!”